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  Banners are a great way to advertise your business, a product, or even a personal occasion.  They can be highly decorative, or very simple.  The material you choose to have your banner made from should depend on what the use is going to be.  In example if you are a vendor at a fair or festival, and you have frequent shows, you could have a heavy-duty weather resistant banner made from a heavy vinyl.  This could be used repeatedly and frequently.  If you are planning for a one-time event, you could have something simple made out of paper.  Paper can also be saved as a momento of a birthday party without the expense of vinyl.  All materials have their pros and cons, but CopyMat can help you decide which material is best for your banner when you let us know what your needs are.

                                            Labor Day Banner Sample

Grommets and hemming

What is a grommet?

A grommet is a metal ring that is inserted into a pre punched hole in the hem of the banner material. Grommets are used to reinforce the hole, giving it structural integrity so that the banner does not rip when a cord, bungee or other fastener is used to hang or display your banner. Grommets are constructed of two parts one of which is inserted into the other and then locks over the other when it is flared out under pressure from the grommet press securing the grommet in place. Another common name for a grommet is an eyelet. Grommets are not recommended for paper banners or posters.

What size and color grommets do you use?

Copymat uses standard sized #2 nickel grommets, which measure 3/4" outside diameter with a 1/4" hole diameter.

Why do I need grommets?

Grommets can be added to your banner so you can install it using a variety of methods and materials such as bungees or rope. As mentioned above, grommets reinforce the hole in the banner that is used during installation.  Grommets are installed by customer request Only.

How many grommets can be added to my banner?  

Grommets are usually placed in all four corners of a banner and then additional grommets are place in the top middle and bottom middle and approx every 4 inches depending on the overall length of your banner.

Can you change the location or pattern of the grommets on my banner?

Yes, When ordering, Simply specify the quantity and location of the grommets you want and we will produce the banner to your custom requirements. Copymat can change the location or the pattern of grommets in any banner instead of using our standard grommet placement (all four corners of a banner and then additional grommets are place in the top middle and bottom middle and approx every 4 inches depending on the overall length and or width of your banner.) 

 Hemming:  Hemming is recommended if you are getting a vinyl banner done.  

  It adds a finished look and gives extra support for grommets.


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